Privacy Policy

Firm Details:
– This website is owned and operated by HWPTC CY LTD. Services are provided in the UK by I Love My Ears Limited.

Data Gathering:
– Data We Obtain: Generally name, telephone number, email, and essential details for appointment coordination.
– Gathering Rationale: Primarily for facilitating appointment bookings.
– Gathering Techniques: Via submission forms on our website.

Data Preservation & Protection:
– Storage Locale: Our user data is preserved on UK-dedicated servers.
– Protective Steps: We adhere to industry-standard protective measures, such as SSL encryption, routine system patches, and strict role-based access controls.

Data Circulation:
– Data is exclusively relayed to the clinic of choice for appointment purposes.

User Entitlements:
– To view, edit, or expunge your personal details, please reach out using the web form on our site.

Affiliated Platforms:
– We utilize services like Google Analytics and partner with platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads for improved user experiences.

Youth Information:
– If an appointment for a minor is initiated, pertinent data is registered.

Policy Revisions:
– Our policy undergoes reassessment on a semi-annual basis.