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Complete ear health, from advanced hearing aids to safe effective ear wax removal. Trust our specialists to enhance your hearing and comfort with precision and care.

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I Love My Ears

We’re on a mission to enhance your hearing with expert ear wax removal and precision hearing aids. Powered by expert audiologists and cutting-edge technology, we’re here to ensure every conversation sounds crystal-clear.

With clinics across Greater Manchester – Manchester, Sale, Bury, Bolton, and Oldham we’re conveniently located near you. At ILME, you’ll find only clinically qualified audiologists, no technicians, ensuring the highest standard of care.

Our Services

Wax Removal

  • Unlock crystal-clear hearing fast with our same-day ear wax removal service.

  • No pre-treatment with olive oil required—just book your appointment and experience clearer hearing in just 15-20 minutes.

  • It’s quick, safe, and you’ll walk out hearing better than ever.


Same Day Appointments

Hear better immediately with our same-day service.


Open 7 Days a Week

Always open in some locations; be seen on weekends too.


50% Refund If No Wax

No risk: 50% refund and a hearing check-up if no wax.

Our Services

Help With Hearing

  • Enhance every chat with hearing aids designed for crystal-clear conversations.

  • Delve into rich sounds hearing aids that bring life to music and sounds.

  • Connect deeply; hearing aids that help you catch every meaningful interaction.


FREE Hearing Test

Get a test risk-free and find out how your hearing is.


14 Day Risk Free Trial

Not sure if a hearing aid is right? Try for 14 days to see.


Expert Advice

We are experienced audiologists offering detailed advice.

Locations Near You

Locations Near You

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With a growing network of clinics throughout Greater Manchester, some with 7 day opening, we're always within easy reach.

Some of Our Reviews


A quick phone call arranged same day appointment. Car parked in space provided; audiologist greeted me & after quick explanation of what was involved cleared my ears in less than 10 minutes. I was even shown video of clean ear canals. No discomfort whatsoever. Hearing restored. Very happy!

Fred R

March 13, 2024


Absolutely brilliant service. I was in and out within 15 minutes and the doctor/ staff there are very welcoming and friendly. I was given non-judgmental advice and was talked through all my options. It felt like the service was being delivered by a friend. 100% recommend :)

Louise R

March 26, 2024


I had an appointment today at Love My Ears in Sale Manchester.
From arriving at the centre, through the procedure and to finishing I was made to feel relaxed and important. The cleaning of my ears went smoothly and pain free, the consultant was very knowledgeable and gave me some great feedback and advice.

Andy R

January 9, 2024


I would highly recommend. I was seen the next day after making a booking on line the night before. The whole process was smooth and very easy. I will be making further bookings for my children. A+

Colin B

November 8, 2023


My experience with I Love My Ears was amazing. I called in the morning and they gave me an appointment the same day. Easy to park. No waiting when I got there, just took about 10 minutes and my hearing was back to normal, very gentle. Great service I would definitely recommend.

Julie W

March 2, 2024


Professional, high quality and a very efficient service. I was seen by a very experienced audiologist and I would not hesitate to revisit in the future. Highly recommended.

Mohammed H

February 16, 2024


Had amazing service from I Love My Ears in Sale. My ear was severely blocked and I couldn’t find an immediate appointment anywhere. Called I Love My Ears and they managed to squeeze me in the same day! First place that actually listened to me and understood how uncomfortable I was

Vivienne F

March 27, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll refund you 50%, give you a health check, and offer expert advice on the health of your ears.

The price includes a thorough examination of both ears and full wax removal if any is detected in either ears. We assess for wax presence and remove any found, provide advice on ear health, and offer further guidance if needed. If no wax is present, we refund 50% of the cost.

Olive oil isn’t necessary in 95% of cases, as our audiologists can remove wax effectively. It’s also a safety measure if you’re unsure about conditions like perforated eardrums.

Yes, if you’re certain about your wax condition, a bit of olive oil can help. This is advised only for those familiar with their ear health.

We employ microsuction, recognised as the safest approach, for ear wax removal, and may complement this with ear irrigation using warm water if required. We do not use syringing, as it’s considered less safe.

Most cases are completed within 15-20 minutes for efficient service.

No, follow-up appointments are free if we can’t remove all the wax on your first visit. You can be sure that we will fully remove all your wax.

Yes, we serve children prone to wax buildup. In Manchester, Sale, and Oldham, it’s for ages 5+, and in Bolton and Bury, for ages 12+.

Absolutely, we offer same-day appointments every day, and weekend appointments across select locations. On weekends we may not be open everywhere, but it’s likely we will be open somewhere and can see you.

A hearing test is a quick and easy way to understand your hearing abilities. It helps detect any hearing issues and provides a plan to enhance your communication and overall quality of life.

Our 14-day risk-free trial allows you to experience the benefits of improved hearing before making a commitment. This trial period ensures you can make an informed choice without any pressure.

Today’s hearing aids are designed for simplicity and ease of use. We offer personalised instruction and continuous support to ensure you can manage and maintain your hearing aid effortlessly.

Our modern hearing aids are discreet and elegant, designed to blend seamlessly with your look. They improve your hearing without being noticeable, helping you feel self-assured in any situation.

Our 5-year warranty includes extensive support, with regular check-ups, maintenance, and quick repairs. You’ll have continuous assistance to keep your hearing aid working optimally for years to come.

Early investment in a hearing aid helps you maintain your quality of life as you age. By age 65, many people experience hearing loss, and by 75, nearly everyone benefits from a hearing aid. Like glasses for vision, hearing aids help you stay connected and engaged.

A hearing aid improves your daily experiences, allowing you to enjoy clear conversations, vibrant music, and everyday sounds. It supports cognitive health by keeping your brain active and engaged, reducing the risk of social isolation and its negative effects. Hearing aids help you maintain independence and enjoy life more fully.

Yes, our hearing aids are custom-fitted for optimal comfort. They are designed to be worn all day with ease, delivering clear and natural sound without causing discomfort. Enjoy the benefits of better hearing without any hassle.

Detailed Hearing Aid Information

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14 Day Free Hearing Aid Trial

Learn about how to try our hearing aids for 14 days with no obligation. Experience improved hearing for free, and if you're not satisfied, simply return them with no questions asked.

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NHS Vs Private Hearing Aids

Explore the differences between NHS and private hearing aids. Make an informed decision about your hearing health with our comprehensive guide. Learn more about the options available to you.

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Join Us On Our Latest Open Day

Join us for our upcoming open day to explore our range of hearing solutions. Meet our experts, get a free hearing test, and enjoy exclusive offers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your hearing health.